Technology Projects

What is Device Management System (DMS)?

It is a software, hardware and communication infrastructure service that monitors and records the entire process starting from the import of devices using GSM communication network and cellular data communication infrastructure to Kenya and ending with the completion of the life of the device for various reasons.

Standard mobile phones, smartphones, modems that communicate with cellular data infrastructure and all IoT devices (Mobile Devices) that exchange data over this network have a unique identification number called IMEI. The DMS system registers all Mobile Devices imported into the country with the IMEI number and follows the entire life cycle of these devices by integrating with operators operating legally in the country. For the registration of Mobile Devices, importing companies or users who individually bring devices to the country carry out the relevant procedures.

Basic DMS Functions

The DMS system is built within the country’s Information and Communication Authority or a public institution that will perform this function. System; It integrates with user profiles such as Competent Regulatory Authority, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Forces, Customs, Mobile Device Manufacturers and Distributors, End Users, International IMEI Control Center GSMA, Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Payment Systems.

User traffic data received continuously from MNOs is audited and unusual situations are audited by analyzing them with artificial intelligence-supported systems. Extraordinary situations are reported to the relevant authorities and communication rights are interrupted if necessary.

Benefits of DMS

Project Cost

It is possible for the DMS Project  to be realized by us with the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Since all installation, commissioning and operation costs of the system will be paid by us, it will not have any burden on the country’s economy.

Revenue Model

Project financing will be provided with the IMEI registration fee to be collected from the manufacturers per Mobile Device imported into the country. Since a part of this income will remain to the country’s treasury and some to the contractor company, it will make an additional contribution to the country’s economy and provide project financing.