As Durmaz Group, they are a complement of values we add to society through all what we protect, enhance and recreate in every sectors we are active in with all we contribute to our customers and business partners. To use all resourses we have in accordance with our customers’ requirements, expectations and satisfaction. To hormonize with environmantal, historical and cultural texture of the cities by our projects. To produce living quarters which are fit in values of the society we appeal to, by carrying out the architectural necessities of the time, with our executive team and technical and administrative staff. To serve to enhance and develop communal life standards. To implement advanced technology, right solution partners, quality material utilization, meticulous architectural and engineering services to all our projects by melting them in the same pot. To contribute to economy by creating new employment areas with our continuous productivity policy. To put support behind urban transformation projects to avoid irregular urbanization and illegal housing. To build secure living quarters with regard to both natural disasters and public order.