Durmaz Group that lead to the field in construction sector with its developig structure since its foundation, is a key of solution in construction sector by providing best solutions that meet rapidly changing expectations of today's world since it has carried out the first project. Our continuous improvement principle that defines Durmaz Group, customer satisfaction, healing quality and environment standards continuously, is our fundamental principle. Vital functions which underlie improvement that the contruction sector takes on, always require to aim the best, the truest and the summit begining from the last details. As Durmaz Group,we adopt long term satisfaction as a success criteria on the way of the summit based upon the thought that providing world class service to various institutions and individuals. All new institution and individual that we serve by aiming the satisfaction of the highest order attend between us as a part and an indication of our success. Durmaz Group approaches all projects which it carries from dreams into the reality with creativity it cares, sensitivity that is showed the root of the project, innovative approach that pertain to project, dynamics team spirit, collaboration, uncompromising sense of quality and environment sensitivity which will be leaved to next generation. Durmaz Group’s contributions to the contruction sector will increase by its outstanding expertness and established experience inside and outside Turkey.

Remzi Durmaz
Honorary President