Durmaz Group attaches great importance to carry out and maintain the highest standards of occupational health and safety for its employees in its every progressing projects and to create a safe working area for all projects at all times. To achieve these standards; setting health and safety goals aiming to minimize the risks of being damaged for people who will be influenced by our activities, is one of our purposes. Durmaz Group completely obeys all legal obligations about workers’ health and safety and takes sensible and practicable health and safety measures to avoid and reduce the number of accidents,dangerous situations and all events that can damage workers’ health and safety for all institutions and subcontracted workers. To achieve these targets Durmaz Group appoints a occupational health and safety manager who directs project management team, prometes safe working area, makes a occupational health and safety plan including occupational health and safety produces about responsibilities in all projects it assumes.

Occupational health and safety procedures are constituted in order to provide the personels who working in different conturies fulfil legal regulations, avoid dangerous actions for others, report all situations and activities that cause financial loss and personal injury, besides they require all departments or units to give occupational health and safety education to their own employees and provide opportunities to apply occupational health and safety policies in their operations. Not to be going to allow behaviours that are contrary to constituted safety regulations and rules and to be going to apply adequate sanctions to carry out and maintain the highest health and safety standards.