In all the areas that we are active as DURMAZ GROUP, we care about our customers and our partners;
our values are imprinted in our contributions to the society through what we protect, develop and re-create.
Hence, we attach importance to;

Using all available resources for the needs, expectations and satisfaction of our customers.

Realizing projects in harmony with the environmental, historical and cultural character of urban areas.

Creating habitats accomodating the target social expectations through contemporary architectural solutions brought about by our management, technical team and administrative staff.

Serving to the improvement of social life standards.

Combining advance technology, high quality materials, the right solution-partners, meticulous architecture and engineering services in all projects.

Continously creating new employment areas with our productivity policy, thereby contributing to the economy.

Supporting "Urban Transformation Projects" to avoid irregular urbanization.

Constructing safe living spaces, resistant to natural disasters and protected for public peace.