Durmaz Construction was named after DURMAZ companies founded by Ömer Durmaz in Diyarbakır, Turkey in 1974. Aiming to specialize in house construction, small commercial buildings and infrastructure, the company, operating from the second floor of an old building, successfully carried out various projects in a short period thanks to the talented character and perseverance of Ömer Durmaz, founder of our company.

The first major project undertaken by Durmaz Group after its foundation was the construction of a grand building in Samsun in 1986 through which Ömer Durmaz personally handled all engineering, supervision and office works. The company grew over time and successfully completed various projects. After Omer Durmaz passed away in 1990, Remzi Durmaz replaced his father as the chairman of board. Mr. Remzi Durmaz, along with his brothers Ahmet, Mahmut and Veysel Durmaz, have adopted a modern and contemporary management approach. The brothers are dedicated to work in an impeccable cooperation and team spirit in each project of Durmaz Construction.