Durmaz Construction, which has taken the lead in the construction industry thanks to its dynamic structure constantly evolving since its establishment, has been the key solution in the construction sector because it offers the best answers meeting the expectations of today's rapidly changing world. Our principle is based on continuous growth, which describes Durmaz Construction; customer satisfaction and constant improvement of quality and environmental standards are among our basic principles. Vital functions assumed by the construction industry, which constitutes the basis of progress, require aiming for the best, the most appropriate and the top, starting from minute details.

On its path leading to the top, Durmaz Construction has adopted long-term customer satisfaction as its criterion for success, reflected on our commitment to offering world-class services to different establishments and individuals. Each new institution and individual whom we have served with maximum customer satisfaction principle joins us as part and proof of our achievements.

In all its projects turned from a dream into reality, Durmaz Construction takes an approach that heeds creativity, commitment to the essence of the project, innovativeness, dynamic team spirit, cooperation, sensitivity to the environment which will be left to future generations, and a hardline quality perception. Durmaz Construction will increasingly contribute to the construction industry both in Turkey and abroad thanks to its paramount expertise and broad experience.

Chairman of Board