Durmaz Group’s codes of ethics are summerized in four parts as follows;

The Responsibilities of Shareholders and Management

  • To carry out activities in a professional, moral and responsible manner.
  • To obey the codes of ethics and demand obeying them and to constitute proper mechanism to provide their awarness and practice.
  • To choose their shareholders and assistants in accordance with the principles of capacity and ability.
  • To comply and make employees comply with generally accepted accounting standards and principles.
  • To establish internal and external risks management and control systems that are suitable for Durmaz Group’s qualities.
  • To keep personal interests in the background of company interests while working and representing the company.
  • Not to use company assests to good account except that relevant unit of the institution preauthorizes.
  • To keep confidential of informations,data and documents that can have access because of their duty.

The Relations with Suppliers and Customers

  • To establish moral and legal relationships with the suppliers of products and services.
  • To search and select suppliers which are respectful to human dignity with activities which are not against the law and which will not put at risk Durmaz Group’s reputation.
  • To select the suppliers based on their prices, distribution conditions and quality besides their products and services compatibility.
  • To ask for excellence of products and services to ensure expected satisfaction of custumers and consumers.
  • To enable to pay attention customers and users complaints in a fast and effective manner with the thought that giving pleasure them beyond guaranteeing products and services and providing compliance with relevant regulatory.

The Relations with Employees

  • To behave employees dignifiedly, respectfully and fairly by taking into account different cultures sensitivities.
  • Not to discriminate employees according to their race, religion, age, nation, gender and other these kinf of personal and social conditions apart from their merit and capacity conditions.
  • To avoid all kinds of violence, harrassment and abuse in the workplace.
  • To accept the rights arising from professional chambers, unions, collective labor agreements.
  • To determine rules and criterias which can balance between Durmaz Group’s and employees’ rights about recruitment and dismissal.
  • To guarantee occupational health and safety by taking essential precautions which maximize vocational risk preventions.
  • To encourage employees in professional development, education and promotion.

The Relations with Civil Society

  • To respect human rights and democratic institutions and promote them on every occasion.
  • To contribute to public institutions and political parties in accordance with relevant regulations by guaranteeing transparency in all conditions.
  • To cooperate with every civil institurions, organizations and public enterprices which are commited to improve social awareness level about bedeviled people.
  • To maintain legal and esteemed relationships with public authorites and institutions by not accepting and offering money, commission and any presents.
  • To carry on political objectivity principle with the communities operating in, is a sign for the respect which is for different idea and sensitivities of people related to Durmaz Group.